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Our Promise

At mycore we are all about what’s at your core – and we promise to help you live what’s at your core.

Our state-of-the-art technology and training to help you pursue what you care most about. Whether you simply want to become more organized and productive or you want to become a better professional, parent, artist or athlete - we exist to help you close the gap between what you value and what you do, and turn your values into habits.

The Tool

desktop and mobile apps
desktop app iPad, iPhone apps

Mycore's cloud-based software integrates all of your calendars, task lists and goals into one intuitive interface. Now in one place, everything you need to track, manage and do the things that are most important to you.

Expert Network


Imagine having access to experts in any given field who offer clear instruction on how to do what they do; what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. more... That is exactly what we’re building: a library of expert programs designed to help mycore users close the gap between what they’re doing and what they want to become. The genius of our expert programs is they live where you live, on your calendar. Whether you’re an expert in your field or you simply want to learn from the pros, join mycore and have access to our expert network.less



Our process for designing leadership development programs is to design to the level of habits and behaviors that are needed to grow and build an organization. more... In our approach to design, we go beyond informing, practicing and changing mindsets. Our aim is to get the learner closer to building habits that will move them as individuals forward and the collective mix of individuals will move the organization towards its stated strategy and business goals. To do this habit-building begins on Day One and persists throughout our programs, integrated seamlessly into the mycore software.

Everyone agrees that ‘follow-up” in some fashion is crucial to a learner’s adoption of new concepts, tools, etc, but no one has been able to routinize adoption and make it predictable and expected. No on has, until now, focused it’s business and intentions on creating the habits and routines that drive success.

As we create the behaviors that create impact, individually and organizationally, the investment on development becomes a leadership lever that creates results that are visible and measurable. The return on investment establishes the development of people as one of the top activities of any organization. less

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