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The Mycore Workshop Part 1

Gain the knowledge to get control of your schedule, annihilate constant time stress, and live a life full of meaning


What is "The Mycore Workshop Part 1"?

A system to help you live the life of your dreams, even if you don't know what that is yet We all have times when we feel like we are without direction and purpose in our lives. We may even feel like we are not in control, but rather simply reacting to outside forces. This course will give you the knowledge and confidence to take control, and turn your life into one that is full of fulfillment, excitement, and joy.

A course teaching you the fundamentals of the acclaimed Mycore System of life management From individuals just like you to international corporations, thousands of people have experienced the benefits of the Mycore system in their lives. If you are looking to reduce stress and make your most desired dreams and goals a reality, this is the place to be.

A practical philosophy to help you better manage your time With the increasing pressures in our world today, it can be hard to stay on top of everything we have to do. From responding to email, to work obligations, to family time, what is the solution to making more time for yourself? The answers to finding that soothing life balance and the peace and happiness that follow are all inside.

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What's inside "The Mycore Workshop Part 1"?


Engaging Exercises


Downloadable Working Material


The Ability to Work at Your Own Pace

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Engaging Exercises

  • The best way to teach is by demonstration, and our exercises do just that

  • Used to teach leadership skills to thousands before you

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Downloadable Working Material

  • Use our workbooks and exercise sheets to better apply what you learn

  • Print as many copies as you like

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The Ability to Work at Your Own Pace

  • Go through the material as quickly as you like, or go through it thoughtfully, letting it soak in

  • Get lifetime access, for a one time payment



What is a Workshop?
Our Mycore workshop is a combination of videos, exercises, and downloadable workbooks that we have designed to teach you the Mycore system of life management. While it is impossible for us to teach all of you this life changing information in person, we think we have done a great job creating a digital version of our training. Plus, unlike our live events, you will have access to this training for the rest of your life.

Why are you offering this for just $7? 
Simply put, we know that this training can change lives and want to let as many people as possible have access to it. While we normally charge $50 for this portion of our live training, we thought that that might be too much for many people to pay without knowing the quality of what we produce first. Of course, we could give the material away for free, but charging a small amount helps people to take it more seriously. And, being a business, we know that once you experience all the value that this worshop has to offer, you will trust us to help guide you on your path to personal development for years to come.


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