Welcome to Part 1 of the Mycore Workshop. Scroll down this page to download the necessary tools and workbooks you'll need to get the most out of your life changing Mycore training.

Remember, Part 1 includes only the Introduction and core values segments of the acclaimed Mycore Training. Click the button below to sign up for the Full Workshop Training, for just $50.

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Course Overview



In this introductory module, you'll:

  • Discover a startling reality about time

  • Learn 3 things that will help you stay focused on what matters most to you

  • Hear an inspiring true story about the role clarity plays in your life.

Chapter 1: Core Values


In Chapter 1 of Mycore's Workshop, you'll:

  • Learn a tool to help you identify things of significance from the rest of life

  • Identify personal core values that motivate and drive your behavior

  • Begin the path to a life of greater significance