Mycore is where you organize your life around the things that matter most to you: your values. It's where you can focus on making your goals, hopes, dreams, and desires a reality every day. 

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Organize, define, and live according to your values

Using Mycore, you are encouraged to discover exactly what you want your life most to be, plan to follow through on your value commitments, and make those commitments happen in your world. Its the most powerful tool you have for making your goals, even the difficult and slippery ones, a reality. 

Track where you spend your time

Not sure which values you spend the most time on? Mycore tracks that for you. Use our innovative tracking analysis to see where you are really putting in the effort, and where you might be neglecting.

Get the knowledge you need without missing a step

Want to live a value more fully but not sure how? Mycore integrates seamlessly with a rapidly growing set of courses that can auto schedule lessons, knowledge, and relevant tasks into your day, to make it easier than ever to get the knowledge you need

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