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Understanding Light in Photography

Develop a deep understanding of a key artistic element in photography and make your images stand out from the crowd


What is "Understanding Light in Photography"?

A course teaching you the fundamentals of working with one of the most important elements of photography In artistic work, it is often a superb understanding of the basics that can set work apart. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference you will see when you understand how to properly use light in photography.

A collection of advice from an industry expert This program was written in connection with Scott Jarvie, a noted photographer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of professional photography experience. He has been using these concepts for a long time, and he'll bring your skills to a new level.

A series of practice tasks to get you started Each lesson is connected with applied tasks that allow you to practice what you have learned. These tasks are scheduled automatically into your Mycore task-list for you, making them simple to remember and fit into your schedule.


What's inside "Understanding Light in Photography"?


Lessons on the 3 primary aspects of light: aperture, shutter, and ISO


Example Photography


Tasks auto-scheduled into your day


Lessons on the 3 primary aspects of light: aperture, shutter, and ISO

  • Each lesson contains a professionally made video instruction

  • Tailored practice activities to apply each concept


Example photography

  • Shows you what you can achieve by mastering these principles

  • All created by Scott Jarvie


Tasks auto-scheduled into your day

  • Mycore will automatically schedule one task per day for you

  • Allows you to easily break the steps down into manageable chunks



What is an Expert Program?
An expert program is a series of tasks auto schedules for you over a period of time in your Mycore app. Each task includes audio, video, or text that teaches you and gives you the opportunity to apply what you've learned. These repeated steps over time make it much easier to remember and apply what you have learned, giving you a better chance to make an impact on your life. So register for your expert program now, and see what a difference it can make!

Why are you offering this for free? 
We believe the knowledge and skills in this program have the ability to positively impact your life, along with many others. At Mycore, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us, and offering some of our best content for free is one way we do that. Additionally, we believe you will be so impressed with the expert program software, that you will want to check out our ever-growing library of expert programs.


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