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We designed each component of our software (values, goals, tasks and planning) to be independently valuable yet interdependently powerful. If customers have an affinity to task management, our task feature set is the best in the market. If prospective customers are seeking a goal solution, our goal system is independently powerful. Yet, the sum of these tool-sets is even more powerful when combined.



Here is a list of commonly asked questions regarding our mobile app



Our web app has a rich set of resources and features which have their own set of FAQ's

Why mycore?


Never have people been busier and more distracted than they are today. With endless sources of new information, sparkling entertainment, things to do and social trivia, consumers are easily distracted from what they care most about. With distractions come gaps: work gaps, relationship gaps, health, emotional and social gaps which can have real and lasting effects on lives of people. At mycore, we provide teachings and tools that help people focus on making the right decisions; we empower people to focus on the things they care most about and make purposeful actions to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


We set out to build an integrated software solution that combined disparate products and processes into one unified, intuitive system. While there is no shortage of goal, task and planning solutions in the marketplace, none of the existing systems offer an intuitive, seamless and fully-integrated solution. Each tool is a destination app that requires individual attention – often with very different user experiences. Customer loyalty to products tend to be brittle and short-lived because these solutions are low-cost in addition to the unique time and attention they require. Virtually every product in the marketplace seems to be conceived on the wrong side of innovation.