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The world's first values based life management tool, all for free

Prioritize your day, discover peace of mind, and get on top of your to-do list is by focusing on the things you value most. 


Combine the best of your calendar, goals, tasks, and behavior tracking apps into one

Constantly switching between different tools leads to disorganization,  stress, and ultimately a loss of productivity. To combat this, the Mycore app was designed around a concept we call Digital Singularity: all the tools you need in one place, all perfectly integrated.

"I love that Mycore creates automatic reminders" Lici from Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Organize all your tasks in a smart to-do list that helps you remember what you have forgotten

In today's fast paced and distracted world, it seems more and more difficult to avoid critical tasks occasionally falling through the cracks and going undone. The Mycore app is designed to help you avoid this problem by integrating your to do list with your calendar and personal values. If you forget a task, Mycore will automatically move it to something we call the Choice List: a task list that serves as your safety net to all the tasks that may have skipped your mind.


Integrate learning into your schedule through expert led programs

Through the Mycore app, you can integrate courses known as Expert Programs into your daily schedule. These programs give you proven content, tasks, and exercises over time, to help you retain knowledge and master skills better than ever before.

"I find it so nice that you can integrate pre-made task lists from expert courses" Aspen from Bend, Oregon

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You will never regret the steps you take to gain control of your life now.