mycore™ consolidates all of your daily actions into one amazing app so you can take full control of your life – one event, meeting, chore and family game night at a time.


Our software offers a kind of Digital Singularity™ you won't find with any other tool in the market. Our software combines and aligns your core values, goals and daily actions within a calendar framework. If you are searching for that one elegant solution to keep organized, on top of tasks and focused on what matters most, we're what you're looking for. If you haven't been searching but want to make your life more simple, organized and focused - we're what you didn't know you wanted and everything you need.

Because no tool exists (with the exception of mycore), consumers are left to cobble together different apps in an effort to stay coordinated and digital. Really, ask anyone.


The Choice List

Say hello to an intelligent task list that makes sure you stay on top of everything important while leaving nothing behind.


mycore Calendar - Powerfully Simple

See all of your task lists & calendars combined* in one place to get the right things done at the right time. *Syncs with Google, Microsoft and iCloud.


Clarity of Colors

Stay balanced and in-step with what really matters. Tag values, goals, events and tasks with your value colors.


Record at the Speed of Thought

Voice a reminder or schedule an appointment while you’re on the go.


Popular Features

  • The Choice List- Ever miss a task on your to do list? If you do, Mycore will transfer it into your Choice List so you'll never forget something important.
  • Expert Programs- Struggling to reach a goal or pick up a new skill? Mycore has pioneered a new way of learning called Expert Programs: where skilled instructors not only teach, but integrate specific tasks into your daily schedule to solidify your learning
  • Values Integration- Never stray from what is most important to you. Mycore lets you to color code all your tasks, events, and Expert Programs according to your values, allowing you to see clearly how much time you are spending on the things that truly matter
  • Daily Task List- stay on top of your daily to dos with Mycore's Daily Task List
  • Goals and Projects Tab- have a long term goal or project? Use Mycore to break it into smaller steps, schedule them, and learn how to accomplish each task
  • Digital Singularity- Integration of your values, tasks, calendar, and Expert Programs all into one seamless app
  • And more!


Get Started Today

Get started with mycore Basic™ for free today. We’ll help you clearly identify your core values, while creating goals that help you get organized and take control of your life, all within the mycore app on your smartphone (iOS/Android), laptop, and desktop computer.


Be Productive in the Things that Truly Matter

Align your core values, personal goals, and daily actions into a powerful force that lets you live what you love.



mycore™ consolidates all of your daily actions into one amazing app so you can take full control of your life – one event, meeting, chore and family game night at a time.



We’ll help you identify what you value most and then support your values with integrated goals, tasks, to-do’s and calendars with one easy-to-use app.



Let trusted experts guide you as you learn and cultivate the new skills you’ve always wanted – all within the Expert Programs™ section of mycore™.