7 Days of Giving

A FREE program designed by Mitchell's Journey to help you experience the true spirit of the holidays through the best gift of all: giving.


What is "7 Days of Giving"?

Feel More True Joy This Holiday Season Experience real happiness like you rarely have before by focusing on serving those around you. Not only will it feel good in the moment, but you will be able to look back fondly on the memories created here for years to come.

Bring Happiness To Those Around You Aside from feeling good yourself, your service will bring joy to the people you choose to serve. Your interactions with them will bring a special light to their holiday season.

Become Closer With Your Family As You Serve Together One of the best ways to strengthen relationships is to do good for others together. Whatever your family looks like, serving together will bring you closer than almost anything else.

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What's inside "7 Days of Giving"?


Over 63 Individual Service Suggestions


Fits easily into your schedule


Professional Images and Videos from Mitchell's Journey

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Over 63 Individual Service Suggestions

  • From gifts to give to work to do, each of these ideas are simple and fun

  • No need to worry about money, all of these are great but inexpensive


Fits easily into your schedule

  • Auto scheduled into your Mycore calendar one day at a time

  • A great family activity during a holiday week


Professional Images and Videos from Mitchell's Journey

  • Great to share with family members

  • Gives the program holiday spirit



What is an Expert Program?
An expert program is a series of tasks auto schedules for you over a period of time in your Mycore app. Each task includes audio, video, or text that teaches you and gives you the opportunity to apply what you've learned. These repeated steps over time make it much easier to remember and apply what you have learned, giving you a better chance to make an impact on your life. So register for your expert program now, and see what a difference it can make!

Why are you offering this for free? 
We believe the knowledge and skills in this program have the ability to positively impact your life, along with many others. At Mycore, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us, and offering some of our best content for free is one way we do that. Additionally, we believe you will be so impressed with the expert program software, that you will want to check out our ever-growing library of expert programs.


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