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Core Values

In this module we're going to explore your personal core values.  You'll identify, clarify, prioritize yoru values in a way that set's the stage for closing the gap in chapter 3.


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The purpose of this Workshop is to help you live your life in line with your core values. This is about living from the inside out.

We will first start with exploring your core values. Then, we will examine how to close gaps with goals. Then, we'll explore how to make plans to achieve those goals and lastly, understanding the vital role of actions. This may all seem terribly basic, but you will get more out of this than you imagine.

Now, the concept of core isn't new. In fact, it is rather intuitive. We have probably all heard this phrase a million times … but if not, we have all heard it more than once.

If someone experiences something profound they often say, “that touched me to the …”  [wait a second, then say]  “core”.

You see, we instinctively know what core means. You may not know its details, but you understand its meaning. Somehow, we have programed in us an understanding that our core is the root of our identity. Our core is central to who and what we are.

Your values are your core; the things that matter most to you.

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