In this module we're going to examine how everything we have explored fits together.


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Congratulations, you have just explored your core values and identified goals and plans to turn those values into a reality. You know the importance of actions and how you can best protect your time to live your values, considered the role of habits and conditioning as either an advantage or a hindrance to your journey. Now, let’s examine how everything we've explored fits together.

Meet Bob Milford. He's a Regional Manager at a mid-sized company. Bob has a wife and two children, works between 50-60 hours a week and earns enough to cover the bills, as well as make a modest deposit into his savings each month. He’s doing his best to find balance in his life, and is worried about his future and financial responsibilities. He’s looking for ways to grow his career opportunities.

Bob’s core values are integrity, family, financial security, career advancement, professional development, and vacation/travel. Bob lives his core value of integrity by keeping his word. He feels there's more he can do to better live his core value of family, but he’s trying to figure that out. He saves his money each month and is living his value of financial security. He has gaps in his career advancement that he wants to close and he is actively pursuing professional development so that he can advance in his career. Lastly, he values vacation and travel with his wife and kids. Yet, circumstances are such he's not able to live that value at this time. Now, I'm going to share with you two ways that Bob can respond to the same event. One response is reactive, and the other is core driven.

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