In this module we're going to everything that you have learned in the past moduels into a reality. 


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At this point of the workshop, we have covered your core values, how to set goals that are actionable, and the importance of making plans to turn those values into a reality. While all of that stuff is vital and important, it is this final step of the model that really matters most.

Without turning our values, goals and plans into actions, we begin to understand more fully what Dwight Eisenhower said, “plans are worthless, yet planning is everything.” Okay, let's do a quick exercise. I want you to take out your workbook and go to page ___. In this exercise, you’re going to plan tomorrow. This is open-book-  you can refer to your planner, your phone or anything else that you use currently to organize or plan your day.

Okay, awesome... How did it go?

How many core values appeared in your plan for tomorrow?

If you're like most people in this workshop, you might have found yourself having a hand to forehead experience…”oh, i forgot!”  Isn't it funny that we've been talking about core values in this workshop for some time, but we still forget to incorporate them into our lives? From this moment forward, I want you to think of your core values like lenses to prescription glasses. Put them on, and learn to see the world through them. Don't ever take them off. The truth is, most people fail that exercise. Why? Because change is hard. To be human is to be a creature of habit.

Here are some interesting facts about change. Did you know that 85% of company change efforts fail? Or how about this: two out of three criminals are rearrested within three years. What's even more startling, is that two years after receiving coronary bypass surgery to save their lives, 90% of patients are back to their old behaviors.

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