Mycore Master Class

You're two hours away from a life-enhancing experience.  Are you ready?

In this online webinar, you'll learn the skills to:

  • Identify personal core values that motivate and drive behavior
  • Diagnose the root cause of damaging gaps we don't often see
  • Assess your critical path to close gaps
  • Create a plan to turn core values into daily actions
  • Uncover the lies we tell ourselves that disrupt focus and performance
  •  Discover how to manage the unexpected and make informed decisions
  • Learn vital behaviors that affect lasting, core-driven change

The Mycore Leadership Training workshop uses a combination of thought-provoking stories, illustrations and videos combined with individual & group exercises, to improve high-leverage behaviors like problem-solving, decision-making in ambiguity, managing the unexpected, habit formation, and methods to implement lasting change.  

Discover a new mindset, skill set and tool set.

Two hours with this course and your life will never be the same.

~ James Farwell         Senior Editor | NYT

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This media rich course will take you down a fascinating journey that leads to heightened self-awareness and tools to live a life of significance.

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What people are saying ...

OMG this was the best class ever.  Totally inspiring and worth every penny.

Jamie Smith |  Rochester NY

A refreshing experience on every level.  Period.

Salamander Plot  |  Giving Tree, FL

Best money I've ever spent.

Erica Watson  |  Daily Tribune

Seriously, though.  It was so rad.

Jimmy Buffet  |  Universal Box


Jenny Primwater  |  Maui, HI

My only complaint is I wish it lasted longer. :(

Sarah Brightwater  |  Phoenix, AZ

When's the next course coming out?  

Ethan Hunt  |  Arlington, VA