The core of our training is focused on achieving clarity about what matters most, then aligning our lives in such a way that our core values are the center of every decision we make. It is about living a deliberate life, learning to say no to what doesn't matter, and yes to what does. It is about doing what's core-centered and allowing our core values to be the foundation of our productivity, focus and efforts.



Learn practical skills that will transform the way you make decisions, manage the unexpected and prioritize the things in your life.



Find renewed inspiration in our funny, riveting and fascinating stories - that examine what it means to be human and why we are engineered to succeed.



mycore offers leadership training based on the mycore method of values identification, clarification and prioritization, managing the unexpected, productivity improvement and more.   The principles and practices taught in mycore consistently transform the way people and organizations think and behave on a daily basis.