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Leadership Workshop  |  Executive Workshop

Mycore Leadership Workshop Provides Skills To:

  • Identify personal core values that motivate and drive behavior
  • Diagnose the root cause of damaging gaps we don't often see
  • Assess your critical path to close gaps
  • Create a plan to turn core values into daily actions
  • Uncover the lies we tell ourselves that disrupt focus and performance
  •  Discover how to manage the unexpected and make informed decisions
  • Learn vital behaviors that affect lasting, core-driven change

Who Needs Mycore Training?

Mycore's Leadership Training is a live 4-hour workshop engineered for all employees,
regardless of a formal leadership position.  We create leaders at all levels of your
business by providing a highly effective mindset, skillset and toolset designed to
help your employees lead where they are.  

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The Mycore Leadership Workshop uses a combination of thought-provoking stories, illustrations and videos combined with
individual & group exercises, to improve high-leverage behaviors like problem-solving, decision-making in ambiguity, managing the
unexpected, habit formation, and methods to implement lasting change.  

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Training Options

In-House - one of our expert trainers delivers the workshop at your location(s)

Virtual Workshop - a remote workshop can
be facilitated to accommodate remote locations

Trainer Certification - individuals or trainers
from your organization certify to teach the
course within your company

Participant Materials

·      Mycore Participant Toolkit
·      Core Values Deck of Cards
·      A course completion certificate
·      1 Year Software Subscription

Mycore's Leadership Training teaches time-honored principles with a 21st Century mindset. Their training and custom workshops have been a key driver to our success.

Jeff Cooper
Global EHS Director  |  MetroPorts


Sample Video from Leadership Training

Listen to the actual words of a father who made an important discovery about closing gaps before a pivotal moment in his life.


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