The Keto Lifestyle

A program guiding you with daily, automatic steps through the first 30 days of your health transformation on a Ketogenic diet


What is "The Keto Lifestyle"?

A Step by Step Guide to Implementing a Ketogenic Diet Starting a completely new diet and lifestyle change is daunting. This program will take you through what you need to do, step by step and day by day, so that you can give yourself the highest odds of success.

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge and Experience from Advisers and Practitioners This program contains intimate knowledge that will help guide you through the road blocks ahead including how to avoid cravings, how to deal with the Keto flu, common mistakes, motivation, and daily tips.

A Universal Guide to Starting a Ketogenic Diet Diets are a very personal thing, and we understand that everyone has their own unique needs. This program is designed to be a useful guide for everyone, helping to teach you principles that you can apply to your unique needs.

A safety tested plan reviewed by a doctor In order to maximize your safety, we have had all of these steps reviewed by a certified physician.

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What's inside "The Keto Lifestyle"?


Information helping you master every aspect of the Keto Diet


30 Days of Guided Dieting


Over 40 Keto Friendly Recipes


Information helping you master every aspect of the Keto Diet

  • From what to eat, when to eat it, what foods to avoid, and how to track your progress

  • All supported by professionally made videos

  • All reviewed by a board certified doctor with deep experience in Keto Diets


30 Days of Guided Dieting

  • Each day contains at least one Keto principle, one frequently asked question, and one new recipe

  • Can easily be applied to extend your diet past 30 days if desired

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Over 40 Keto Friendly Recipes

  • Each one is delicious, you'll forget you're on a diet!

  • Everything from entrees, breakfasts, desserts, and more



What is an Expert Program?
An expert program is a series of tasks auto scheduled for you over a period of time in your Mycore app. Each task includes audio, video, or text that teaches you and gives you the opportunity to apply what you've learned. These repeated steps over time make it much easier to remember and apply what you have learned, giving you a better chance to make an impact on your life. So register for your expert program now, and see what a difference it can make!

Why are you offering this for just $7? 
Simply put, we know that this training can change lives and want to let as many people as possible have access to it. Of course, we could give the material away for free, but charging a small amount helps people to take it more seriously. And, being a business, we know that once you experience all the value that this worshop has to offer, you will trust us to help guide you on your path to personal development for years to come.


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