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Custom Training Solutions

Whether you need to refresh existing content or create new curriculum, we build innovative, custom solutions to meet your company needs.

Mycore Leadership Workshop

Mycore's Leadership Training is a 3-hour workshop engineered for all employees, regardless of any formal leadership position. We create leaders at all levels of your business by providing a highly effective mindset, skillset, and toolset designed to help your employees lead where they are.  


You've Invested in Tools & Training, Now What?

Whether you're working on corporate training initiative or trying something new, you have a now what problem.  See what we're doing about it.

Why Mycore?



Our creative and instructional teams are quick and nimble - resulting in project turn-around 75% faster than industry averages.



Over 80% of our clients want something new and different, and come to us because of our innovations in instructional design, creative and technology.



90% of our clients return for additional projects because our comprehensive collaborative design process ensures they get exactly the impact they desire.



We guarantee our work.  If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll work to make corrections or you get your money back.

"Mycore's strategic, instructional, & implementation insights demonstrate the kind of next-level thinking we are looking for."

Capt. Sam Jebananthan  |  Nautlius  |  Director of Safety, Security, Environment and Labor

"When you work with Mycore, you get a team of fiercely inventive thought leaders who are relentless in helping solve your most pressing issues."

Jeff Cooper | MetroPorts | EHS Director

"The Mycore team never fails to impress.  With each project, they reveal their depth and breadth of talent."

Brian Maeck | Boart Longyear | VP of Training

Noteworthy Projects

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Mycore Stories

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Get inspired by stories from people who've turned a corner or made the first important step toward a better, more productive life.

Team Solutions

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See where we're taking MycorePRO, a team focused solution that will increase transparency and accountability.

A Tool That Transforms

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Mycore's blended solution will transform the way you think, work, and live.  It's all about Digital Singularity™