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We cover the entire learning & development spectrum.


Our customers come to us seeking innovative solutions for their biggest challenges. Our progressive thinking, fiercely creative mindset, combined with our mastery of technology and adult learning lead our customers to measurable performance improvement.


Whether you realize it or not, you have a "now what?" problem.



The Mycore Learning Model

Over the years, we've developed a learning model that ensures an appropriate balance between learning and doing - the kind of engagement that equips learners with a high degree of situational fluency and functional mastery.


A Closer Look at What We Do

Leadership Training


Mycore’s leadership training is a 3-hour workshop engineered for all employees, regardless of any formal leadership position.  We create leaders at all levels of your business by providing a highly eff ective mindset, skillset and tool-set designed to help your employees lead where they are.

Custom Development


When custom content is needed, Mycore’s team of instructional designers can build content that perfectly meets the needs of your organization.

3rd Party Content


Whether you want to source live trainers or integrate 3rd party content into your training library, we can help assess content providers and ensure the right fit for your organization. What’s more, we can weave that content into your larger learning initiatives, creating a cohesive learning experience for your employees.


Envisioning Information


One of our signature strengths is the ability to understand abstract or complicated processes and visualize that content into an easy-to-understand instructional / graphical constructs.  We have been making infographics long before it was a word or common practice.

Video Production


Enjoy rich, creative solutions from our award-winning design and production team. Because our media team stems from a creative agency, our customers benefit from richly creative solutions. After all, if your audience is tuned out, nothing much matters.


Mycore designed a brilliant training solution for Bain & Company. They masterfully wove our cultural nuances with a news motif to reinforce key compliance topics. The course was a great success.
— Jeremy Benedict | Director, Global Talent Management & Bain Executive Network

Blended Learning Solutions

Your needs are unique and so is your organization –  your training should be, too.  Mycore designs blended learning solutions that are tailor-made for the increasingly complex and diverse needs of your business.


Sample Projects


The majority of our customers come to us seeking innovative solutions for their biggest challenges.  Our progressive thinking and fiercely creative mindset, combined with our mastery of technology and adult learning, lead our customers to measurable performance improvement.

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Compliance Training

When Bain & Company approached our consulting team, they were looking for an innovative means of delivering compliance training. After an audience analysis we landed on a fictitious news network: think The Onion meets corporate training. With a somewhat sardonic instructional canvas, we were able to draw upon a variety of characters and scenarios to bring otherwise mundane compliance topics to life.  The project was a hit.

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Conflict Management

Our Conflict Management course for ExxonMobil examined communication best practices for operating in conflict situations. Conflict, it is often said, brings out the worst in us: in how we think and how we communicate. There is some truth to this, but it is much more likely to bring out the past in us. When challenging or threatening conflicts arise, they tend to echo our experiences with similar situations in the past, provoking habitual reactions.
Our response to conflict affects the choices we have in the present situation and, therefore, the situational outcomes. This training series examined company-specific conflicts that were common and how to overcome those conflict challenges.

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Leadership Training

Mycore was asked to co-author leadership development content targeted at millennials entering the workforce.  
As part of our engagement, we designed the instructional strategies, wrote the curriculum, produced associated media, developed interactive exercises, designed supporting print material, and produced marketing content.  
Deployed globally, Mycore has now been tasked to localize this training content in 5 languages.

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Personal Development

For over a decade, our online course, “The Ownership Spirit” has been a best seller for our client, Quma Learning.
This media-rich, insight-filled, entertaining, interactive tool is a comprehensive resource for honing your skills and deepening your understanding of the principles and tools of The Ownership Spirit® seminar.
This online course contains over 4 hours of instruction conveyed through a broad range of video examples–humorous to serious, along with illustrations, stories, exercises, and gameshow-style self-evaluation quizzes.


Strategy Maps Ensure Clarity & Alignment

As we work with your team and solutions begin to take place, we distribute our signature strategy maps to key stakeholders, ensuring alignment and a clear vision throughout the development and implementation phases.