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Did you know that Mycore’s technology helps individuals & teams stay focused on vital behaviors that ensure success. Our software can transform any content, processes and/or strategies into our actionable, task-based system. 

We recently audited the HPMS system to see if there was a fit between their processes and our technology.  

Mycore Software: It Works

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Last year, at about this time, my wife and I sat at our kitchen table and began to make our family adventure plans for 2017. 

Ordinarily,  with the exception of one or two major vacations, most of our family adventures are ad-hoc at best.  In fact, 80% of our "hey let's do ___ this year" falls quickly out of sight and out of mind. So many great ideas slip away - to the point we forgot that we forgot about them.

This year, I decided to put our pencil sketch of "hey let's do THIS" list in mycore to keep them organized and top of mind.  What you see here is a screen grab of our plans.  Last year I organized my family plans by month, but this year I organized them by type.  Personally, I like organizing activities by type, then scheduling those activities on my calendar accordingly.

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To my surprise, I found Mycore’s software more helpful than I anticipated.  Instead of forgetting our ideas, as in years past,  I found having a simple, organized list of things we wanted to accomplish a helpful reminder.  

While I use Mycore to organize my professional life, I have found it incredibly helpful in organizing the more important aspects of my life: family.

Though I take my role as father seriously, and I prioritize them above all else, I found this year especially rewarding because we accomplished many of the things we wanted to do.  I credit Mycore for helping me make and accomplish family plans ... because in the end, they're memories.

When it comes to using software of any kind, I tend to quickly dump tools that don't have measurable impact on my life.  In addition to being a huge fan of Mycore's task management system and Expert Marketplace, I love making personal, family-related goals/plans in the tool and making moments matter.

As I look to 2018, I will keep using Mycore to make plans for things that matter most.  Because in the end, that's what it's all about.


Family Adventures

Here are just a few snapshots of some of the family adventures we planned in Mycore and accomplished in real life.



Night Photos with My Sons

Here's a closer look at how I made a plan to take night photos with my sons. 

As I set a goal (or plan) for our family adventures, I'd do research on how to make the most of that thing we wanted to do. 

In the case of night photography, I found some articles with tips on how to take great night photos.  I pasted that content in the details of the tasks so when the time came for us to shoot the stars, we'd be able to follow professional instructions.