I just attended the funeral of a friend and business colleague who passed away from brain cancer. It was humbling to see the impact this good man had on so many people, but most importantly the impact he had on his family. If ever I want to know what a good person and father looks like, this man is that template. 

I attended his son's funeral two years ago (who died from the same brain tumor) and listened in awe as Stephen shared one of the most beautiful and insightful eulogies I have ever heard. That was a day I will not soon forget.

A few months later my own son would pass away and I would get to know firsthand the grief he carried. He thoughtfully sent me a gift that was rather personal and had to do with both of our sons passing. I was touched to see how much he cared.

The passing of this good man and colleague brings focus to not only the purpose of life but what really matters. At mycore, our hearts are softened and our resolve is strengthened to take the mission and vision of mycore to the world.

As I told an executive team the other day, "Yes, performance is important, but we want you to have more than that. We want you to look back on your life a year from now, or a lifetime from now, and be glad you lived the life you lived." I believe Stephen can say just that ... for lived his values and was a man of great goodness. 

In every way that matters, he was a stalwart example of what living one's core looks like ... and I am humbled.

- Chris Jones, Co-Founder/CEO
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