It has finally happened....
You've hit the wall. You've blown a gasket. 
Maybe you had a small panic attack when the alarm went off and found yourself removing your phone from the wall where it lodged after you jettisoned it across the room.

Your overwhelming schedule and to do list have finally caused enough stress to cause you to rethink your entire existence...

It's been said "Those who mistake success with significance will live a deeply unfulfilled life." So when the cardiologist at Primary Children's Hospital said, "Your son has days to live" I fell to my knees as a broken man, but I was determined to make the days that remained matter for my son. Nothing I had accomplished in life, or ever hoped to achieve, compared to the love I had for my son. I would have given everything I had, or could ever hope to be, to save him...

Beginning October 2016, we will be publishing inspirational content on various aspcts of life, core values, and productivity.

Today, Chris Jones gave a keynote at a conference in Batesville, Indiana.

Our team is excited about the release of our 2.0 software. We've got some aggressive year-end goals and are tracking well.

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