Our Core Values

At mycore, we exist to help people to live their core values to enjoy a productive, deliberate and meaningful life.  Central to this mission are our core values as a business and individuals.

Clarity & Focus picture.

Clarity & Focus

When we see clearly, we see what matters.  We help people see clearly so they can focus on what’s most important. 

Freedom to Become picture.

Freedom to Become

Growth and change are not only possible, but inevitable.  We give individuals and organizations the tools to be deliberate about what they become.   

We empower individuals & organizations to live their best life.

Integrity & Authencity picture.

Integrity & Authenticity

We are honest and true to ourselves and our clients.  mycore empowers its users to be authentic. 

Accelerated Productivity picture.


We strive for efficiency and quality in all we do.  We provide nothing but our best.

Thought Leadership picture.

thought leadership

We lead with insight and innovation.  We help our clients solve problems and find the best solution.