Our Amazing Team

We are fortunate to have a remarkable team of professionals at mycore. We don't consider them employees, they're family.

Shane Rasmussen picture.

Shane Rasmussen

Nick Bowen picture.

Nick Bowen

Debbie Christensen picture.

Debbie Christensen

Natalie Jones picture.

Natalie Jones

Jordan Brown picture.

Jordan Brown

Dwight Bennett picture.

Dwight Bennett

Trey Bird picture.

Trey Bird

Sepncer Tycksen picture.

Spencer Tycksen

Bryant Rossiter picture.

Bryant Rossiter

Mitchell Calder picture.

Mitchell Calder

Ian Dalton picture.

Ian Dalton

Eileen Matthews picture.

Eileen Matthews

Mamoon Rasheed picture.

Mamoon Rasheed

Brody Hennefer picture.

Brody Hennefer

Eric Perry picture.

Eric Perry

Jordan Bagnall picture.

Jordan Bagnall

Ammar shahid picture.

Ammar Shahid